Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

We are a small, family-owned team of honey lovers based in the UAE. We travel the world finding artisan beekeepers who live in remote areas, far away from pesticides and pollution. These beekeepers use traditional beekeeping methods passed down by generations. Our mission is to bring this delicious, natural honey straight from the hive to you and your family.

What is raw honey?

Not all honey is the same. Raw honey is honey that hasn’t been heated, pasteurised or super-filtered. Most of the honey you find on the shelves today is commercially processed honey, which has been heated to high temperatures, destroying the wealth of nutrients it had when fresh out of the hive. It’s often diluted with water and high-fructose corn syrup to make it sweeter and change its consistency.

The healthier choice

Raw honey is real honey. It is better for you than processed commercial honey because it contains the beeswax, pollen, vitamins, minerals and enzymes typically removed or destroyed during commercial processing. Real, raw honey brings natural health benefits and goodness to you and your family.

Our guarantee

You have our guarantee there are no nasties in our honey; no additives, preservatives or unnatural sweeteners. Your jar of Raw Honey contains exactly what it says on the label. This is real, natural honey straight from the hive.

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