Boost Immunity

Why you should use raw honey to boost your immunity

  • It’s a traditional remedy passed down through generations
  • It’s scientifically proved to boost immunity
  • No heat-treatment so full of 200+ nutrients and enzymes
  • The only natural sweetener with health benefits
  • Genuine raw honey direct from beekeepers
  • No other honey tastes as good

Raw Honeys

Our genuine raw honey hasn’t been heated, pasteurised or super-filtered. We source it direct from artisan beekeepers who live in remote areas, far away from pesticides and pollution. Each raw honey has its own unique flavour and texture as the bees forage for nectar from the flowers and plants around their hives.

Tour the world through your taste buds from the high meadows in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan to the ‘lost world’ of the Island of Socotra. You can taste the difference.

Genuine Raw Honey, direct from the source

Featured Products

Kashmiri Sidr

Kashmiri Sidr
From: AED 37.00

Himalayan Sidr

Himalayan Sidr
From: AED 60.00

Yemini Sidr Raw Honey Gift Box
From: AED 136.00